Litherm-TEK piping and heat exchanger
Litherm-TEK uses various spray-fluid solutions to reach customer requirements in case of dehumidification, cooling, humidification or heating. Depending on the spray-fluid the regeneration process needs different regeneration temperatures. These are for Industrial dehumidification (drying) with extreme high dehumidification performances. Organic spray-solutions will be regenerated by water temperatures from 90°/70°C . Air-conditioning  with moderate high dehumidification performances. Anorganic spray-solutions will be regenerated by water temperatures from 60°/40°C . Alternative moderate and extreme high dehumidification performances with mixed spray-solutions will be regenerated bay water temperatures between 70°/50°C  and 80°/60°C A combination of special designed droplet separators and demisters ensure a complete absorbtion of the fluid from the exhaust air and bring it back to the circulation process. Litherm-TEK find its application for example in:  food industry pharmaceutical industry chemical industry medical engineering stockrooms server- and clean rooms and many more


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