operation principle
Litherm-TEK requires electrical power only for the circulation pumps and the control equipment. The regeneration process use low temperature - “waste heat“ like process waste heat engine waste heat solar or geothermic heat waste heat from combined heat and power production heat from conventional heating systems  
Energy supply
Spray-nozzle tree
Litherm-TEK is based on the principle of wet scrubber (VDI 3679) by using a complete new designed spray-nozzle system developed by FluCoS. It guarantees a consistant drop size of the absorption fluid over the complete range of load condtions. The air will be purified from particulates and germs (class U17 according to EN1822:2009 respectively ISO 75 U and ISO 29463:2011) Depending on customer requirements the system will be able to reach the following air conditions dehumidifiyng down to 15 %rF (min. 1,0 g/kg water content)      • cooling down to +7 0 C  (additional cooling by external heat exchangers possible)      • heating up to 50 0 C  (additional heating  by external heat exchangers possible)      • humidifiyng up to 98 %rF Based on case of application we use different spray fluids for the process. The fluids will be constantly regenerated in a circle process by using heat or waste heat. All fluids used by FluCoS are efficient, reliable, sustainable and save for human and environment.


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