Modulare system design (20-feet-container) Scalable between 10.000 m³/h up to multiple 100.000m³/h  (20-feet-container-units between 10.000 - 30.000 m³/h) World wide delivery about 6 month after placing an order (incl. factory acceptance in Germany) about 3 month for transport and implementing
System size / delivery
Litherm-TEK is designed for the use with outdoor or circulation air as upgrade of existing airhandling-units as an addtition and simplification of new airhandling-units The system comes in 20 feet container, proved and ready to use. World wide delivery, ready to install on roof-top, beside or next to your building. Customers advantage  easy to transport  modulare system, easy expandable  no reconstruction on buildings  no production-stop  during installation  maintenance outside the building


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